selected press for performance

 “the most fine-tuned of the lot, Ben Williams, who has a devastating gift for understated exaggeration.” 

Ben Brantley, The New York Times 9/25/2013


“an electric Mr. Williams finds the sweet spot between parody and sincerity as a self-parodying, but sincere, manly novelist.”

Ben Brantley - The New York Times - 9/12/11


“In his spot-on imitation of Mr. Buckley, Ben Williams captures every drawn-out vowel and self-satisfied smirk, while acting as the ringmaster of this circus.”

Jason Zinoman - The New York Times - 2/11/06


“Drawing the most laughs is the commentary, delivered in expertly glib style by Mr. Williams” 

Charles Isherwood - The New York Times - 1/16/15


“...Mr. Williams, doing marvelously nimble double duty...” 

Claudia La Rocco - The New York Times - 6/23/14


“... three fine actors, who will be happily familiar to New York theatergoers: Jenny Seastone Stern, Pete Simpson and Ben Williams.”

Claudio La Rocco - The New York Times - 1/8/13


“Ben Williams, recently so excellent in ‘The Select’”

Rachel Saltz - The New York Times - 11/10/11


“the preternaturally composed Ben Williams”

Robert Hurwitt - The San Francisco Chronicle - 10/31/14


“Ben Williams makes an extraordinary Buckley.”

Alexis Soloski - Village Voice - 1/31/06 


“Williams and Simpson... It's like unleashing a pair of puppies onto the set—they are chewing the scenery, sure, but you can't take your eyes off them.                                                          

Helen Shaw - Village Voice - 9/14/11


“Ben Williams is both sexy and stoic as the novelist Bill Gorton.”

Robert Nesti - Edge Boston - 3/19/11


“pitch-perfect Ben Williams”

David Gordon - TheaterMania - 1/16/15


“hilarious Ben Williams”

Helen Shaw - Time Out - 1/15/15


“a special tip of the cap to Ben Williams’s sexy swagger and rougish grin as Bill Gorton”

Allison Krum - - 9/17/10


“Williams in a comic highlight as ‘nature writer’ Bill Gorton”

Wendy Rosenfield - - 9/17/10


“Ben Williams adds a wild, alpha-male element to this libertine posse.”

Laurence Mackin - Irish Times - 9/28/12


“Ben Williams is wonderfully delightful as a master of all trades: a brilliant comic actor, deft dramatic persona, and skilled sound man. His performance is also one of stamina... he is on stage for the entire play, managing the sound cues from his office desk and performing several limited roles with verve and personality... it is Williams who makes the details run smoothly.” 

 Portland Institute of Contemporary Art blog - 9/17/07

selected press for sound design


"the great sound designer Ben Williams"

Ben Brantley - The New York Times 2/28/15


"the invaluable Ben Williams's disjunctive sound design"

Ben Brantley - The New York Times 6/12/18


“stealthily brilliant sound design by Ben Williams” 

Ben Brantley - The New York Times 10/7/10


"Ben Williams's sound design was superb."

Miriam Felton-Dansky - The Village Voice 12/4/17


“Williams and Tierney's sound design, run from boards hidden onstage behind the bars, vaults upward—the first-act design may have been inventive and subtle, but the second act sets a new standard for what sound can do to a theatergoer's adrenal gland.”

Helen Shaw - Village Voice 9/14/11


“one of the best I have ever heard” 

The Independent 10/4/2008

selected press for directing

"Making his debut as a director, Mr. Williams (best known as an actor and ace sound designer for Elevator Repair Service) delivers a production that’s beautifully tuned in to Ms. Masciotti’s singular wavelength."

Ben Brantley - The New York Times 6/7/17

selected press for voice-over

"Ben Williams's narration couldn't be more perfect for this tragicomic novel of Haiti. Williams perfectly inhabits the wry, observant, somewhat detached traveling spouse of an aid worker. Williams's talent is not just with the subtle inflections in English and Creole that give personality and heart to the the colorful characters, including a failed Florida sheriff candidate and a successful Haitian judge. His conversational delivery also enhances the listener's understanding of Haiti's confounding mix of politics and superstition." 

AudioFile Magazine - June/July 2017